Poor Toe

Hello everyone! It’s me, Max, finally writing my first blog post on our website! Right now we are staying in an airBnB above All In Porto, a cheese, meat, and wine restaurant in Porto, Portugal 🇵🇹. Before we came to Porto we were staying in an apartment in Lisbon, our first destination. After Lisbon we took the train to Porto and didn’t have to leave the train station because we were staying at The Passenger hostel (in the train station). While at the hostel we were given free breakfast including coffee and hot chocolate. We also had the choice to go on a free Porto Walkers walking tour with a very nice tour guide named David who happily showed us around Porto.

On our first day here in Porto me, Henry, and my dad (Kyle) took the metro to Jumpers trampoline park were I did flips and jumped of the cliff (a very exciting drop off onto an air bag) while Henry tried the ninja challenge (a combination of monkey bars and hanging foam blocks that you use to climb to the other side of a mat) and my dad sat nearby watching us. Jumpers was really fun and I would recommend it to any kids who are traveling to Porto any time soon.


Another fun thing we did was going up the Clerigos tower which is part of one of the many churches in Porto and was very tall and the steps were very steep and skinny. It was exiting to go all the way to the top and look around even though it was really crowded.


On Saturday we went to the Piscina das Mares swimming pool in Matosinhos at the beach which was really fun. It was a pool built on the beach using part of the big rocks on the beach as part of the walls. The architecture was really cool and the water got pretty warm (after swimming in the ocean at least) and the beach itself was nice to. It had big waves and the sand was very smooth and was good for swimming, if you’re ok with cold water. We swam and played in the sand for a few hours and then went home and we were very tired.


The next day we went to Guimaraes on the train and went to see a castle and a palace that were very old and falling apart. It was really cool to see how the people lived back then and how they thought. The architecture was very old and there were a lot of fireplaces. It was really funny that the beds were so short because the people were much shorter back then. After the castle and palace we ate lunch and went back to Porto on the train to relax.

On Tuesday we didn’t do much but we did go to the mall to walk around and eat lunch. Yesterday we went to a beach in Espinho where it was very foggy. I had a lot fun body surfing and swimming (it was too cold for every one else). We also went to another beach nearby with big waves and Henry got trucked by them.

It has been very awesome to get to travel around Portugal a bit and see all of the people and places. It has also been fun to learn Portuguese and try to talk to people but sometimes it is kind of hard to understand them when they talk fast. One of the things that I don’t like is having to walk to most places and having to move around all the time to different apartments or hotels. Well there’s my blog hope you guys liked it I will make sure to write a new one soon so keep in touch and see you next time!

P.S. I got a Pizza Hut fidget spinner!!!

4 thoughts on “Poor Toe

  1. Love this blog post Max! Thanks for sharing your kid perspective on your travels – can’t wait to hear more!

  2. How exciting! We loved your blog. Thanks for the details. When I read it to Karen she can picture what you are doing. What wonderful adventures you are having!! In California it has been hot and smoky, so even the fog sounds great. Karen said, “How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand.” We love you and hope you have lots more fun. Hugs and kisses for you all.

  3. Wow, Max! Loved reading your blog. I really got a feel for all the adventures you’re experiencing. I wonder what all your friends are thinking as they get ready to go back to school! Lol
    I’m especially pleased you are learning some Portuguese. You will find it useful in Mozambique.
    Looking forward to your next blog.
    Love, Gramma Mavis

  4. Love reading about what you are up to Max. Thanks so much for sharing your insights on these
    places, keep it up!!

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