Porto Top 5 List

1. Piscina das Marés
2. Jumpers
3. Beaches at Espinho and Granja
4. Passenger Hostel
5. Park at Quinta do Covelo

1. Passenger Hostel
2. Park at Jardim da Cordoaria (with the spinny thing)
3. Park at Quinta do Covelo
4. Jumpers

1. Beaches
2. Sunset at Luís I Bridge
3. Passenger Hostel
4. Pepper salad at Pedro dos Frangos
5. Porto Walkers Tour

1. Luís I Bridge
2. São Bento train station & Passenger Hostel
3. Castlelo de Guimarães (in Guimarães actually, not Porto)
4. Gardens at the Crystal Palace
5. Piscina das Marés

Gardens at the Crystal Palace:

Spinny things at the parks at Jardim da Cordoaria and Quinta do Covelo:

Castlelo de Guimarães:

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