Three Countries In One Week

Hello, this is Henry.

We just left Neuwiller, France, it’s right next to the border of Switzerland. We were with our cousin Lucca who is sixteen and we hadn’t seen him in two years! When we were there we went to a restaurant to watch the first Bundesliga match, Bayern Munich VS Hoffenheim. BM won 3-1. I fell asleep halfway through!

After we went home Max and I went to bed. Lucca stayed up to play video games and he didn’t wake up until 11:50 am. But he usually doesn’t wake up until noon anyway.

One day we went to the pool and there was a slide and two diving boards. It was really fun even when it started to rain and a lot of people left but we didn’t.

Another day we went to a park in Basel called Schützenmattpark and it was HUGE and super fun and there was a slide and a swing and a spinny thingy.

Then we went to McDonalds and it was super expensive. At Lucca’s house I rode around on this little toy car that Lucca had. One morning my dad and I went on a bike ride from Neuwiller to Allschwil, Switzerland. On our last full day we went to a cool museum called the Vitra Design House with a HUUUUUGE slide and a play area!!!!!!! It was super exciting.

And we went ziplining and there was parkour and it was really fun. But I wish we didn’t have to leave. We are in Mengen, Germany right now.

6 thoughts on “Three Countries In One Week

  1. Amazing! I don’t even know what a Bundesliga game is! I will Google it. I’m so happy to hear that you are having FUN! Parkour? Another new word for us to Google. Karen is happy that you found a pool! Right now Karen played a Sesame Street episode starting with “H.” We’re wishing you “sunny days” and lots of fun! Big Hugs!

  2. Hi Henry! Love the update. Wish we could be there biking and exploring parks and slides with you all (in cities whose names I can’t pronounce)…Anna

  3. Hi Henry,

    It’s Lucca. It was great having you and I had a lot of fun (especially the Zip lines). Hope you can make it to Leipzig. If yes you should really go and see the Zoo. It is huge and in some parts the animals walk around freely. Sadly next week I will have to start waking up early again, but in the weekends my usual rhythm still continues. 🙂

    Hope to see you soon and sending you all lots of hugs,

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