Auf Wiedersehen, Europe

Hello again everyone from Innsbruck, Austria 🇦🇹. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything lately but I hope you’ve heard about what we’ve done the last month from my mom and dad. If you haven’t I’ll tell you my favorite things that we’ve done. In Tihany, Hungary I trampolined and drove past a “shooting range” to a grocery store and bought potato helicopters😂(a funny circular fried piece of “potato bread”).


In Slovenia we went to Ljubljana castle where we took a tour and saw a fox 🦊!, the art district, met two funny Slovenian kids, went to cacao (the best ice cream place ever), trampolined and went to Piran where we swam and almost got blown away by wind.


We then went to Italy where we swam in a pool, saw ancient Roman villa ruins and ate puffo (smurf) ice cream in Sirmione. From Sirmione we traveled to Lake Garda which had big mountains that popped up right next to the shore.


We went to Lake Tenno where we swam all day before going back to the apartment where we where staying.


The next day we swam and went to a cool medieval village called Canale. Next up was Lago de Ledro. There we climbed up a mountain, at the top the view was so beautiful to look over the lake, from there we could see so far to the far away mountains.


We also went and biked for miles one day which tired us all out. After Lago di Ledro we drove to Bolzano to see Ötzi the ice man the 5300 year old mummy whose discovery pushed back scientists’ assumptions about use of copper by 500 years.


Amazing right! Also while we were watching a music video channel on TV a hilarious add popped up saying “ITALIAN CHEESE AWARDS” it was so funny 🤣.

Now as you know we are in Innsbruck, Austria where there is “drum roll please” a trampoline!


On our first day there we got the Innsbruck card to take a cable car to a gondola up to go up a mountain. When we where there we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful view of the city and the other huge mountains and valleys.


The next day we went to the zoo and saw most of the animals which were really cool even though all the animals were local.


We also biked around in Innsbruck with rented bikes to the Hall Mint and saw a bunch of old coins. Today is our last day here and we went to a really cool park with huge swings, a work out station and a big sand box with a fun water pump to dig little streams in the sand. The park was really fun and we stayed for a long time swinging and running around.


Our next stop is Munich where we will stay for two days and then Namibia where we will stay for three weeks with no wifi most of the time😱. Anyway that means that we probably won’t be posting anything but we will be taking a lot of videos and pictures to post when we get back to wifi. I can’t wait to see all of the cool animals from the camping truck we rented. See you next time. Max out!

4 thoughts on “Auf Wiedersehen, Europe

  1. Oh boy! What adventures! I can’t wait to see all the photos of Namibia and… to find out if they have a trampoline. LOL I love your post, the photos and comments. There’s a lot to share with Karen. Does anybody remember how old the coins were? No wifi. Man that’s harsh. We’ll just have to wait, the hardest thing in the world to do. But, we’ve got this. How about cell phone activity? A text? A message? A happy face? We won’t exactly be holding our breath, but…. I guess we can handle 3 weeks. It’s been a long time since I was a little girl, with no telephones, TV, or internet. Just a radio and snail mail. I’ll be sending happy “vibes” every day with lots of love. XOXOXOXO Just take a deep breath every day and feel those hugs? Have fun! Love you!

  2. I can’t wait until you have internet access again, so that we can hear about more of your exciting adventures!

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