Thailand, the Land of the Buddha

We arrived in Bangkok after an 18 hour trip including a three hour layover on November 11 from Namibia. We left the airport and went to our apartment in the middle of the city near the day old Icon Siam mall the fanciest, most expensive mall in Thailand 🇹🇭. The next day we went to it and ate lunch and looked around the fake floating market that had fake rivers with boats selling food along the sides. The only thing that was wrong with the mall was that it seemed like the bathrooms were very last minute because all of the sinks looked like they had been ripped out of the wall and the soap dispensers didn’t even work.

Our apartment was better and worse than the description at the same time because of two things. The first thing was that the building we were in did not allow people to rent out their apartment so that was kind of worrying. The other thing that was the best part was the pool, actually the two pools. They were both the perfect temperature because in Thailand it is really hot and humid so the pools always got warm enough, but not too warm. It was so fun to swim and jump in the pools especially because they were salt water pools so the water felt really smooth and soft.

In Bangkok we went to Wat Arun which was really cool because the colorful tiles on the sides were made with broken plates and pieces of ceramics. We saw many Buddhas and three headed elephants. A day before Wat Arun we went to Chatuchak market, it was huge! The biggest market I have seen in Thailand and it had so much stuff! I got some cheap fake legos and we all got foot massages (my first) and had smoothies. While we were there it rained so hard that all of the metal and plastic roofs sounded like thunder! Speaking of thunder there was thunder!… and lightning!… ten feet away!!! It sounded like explosions right across the road!

On Thursday of our one week in Bangkok we went to Amped trampoline park which was really fun. There was a big mat block thing that was about a meter high that I was able to do a front flip up onto it after starting with only being able to jump up and do a cartwheel on it. On Friday we walked to Soi Five, a food market with a lot to chose from. We ate dinner there and I had my first grass jelly which is a drink with condensed milk, brown sugar or caramel sweetener, and grass jelly cubes that are pretty much like jello gelatin that tastes like grass but I really like it and have gotten it a lot since.

On Monday we left Bangkok to go to Chang Mai. In Chang Mai our apartment was near a big mall called Maya that has a really good food court in the basement and on the fourth floor. There was also a movie theater, arcade, grocery store, food courts, stores with clothes, books, stuffed animals, medicine, and smoothies (I love the smoothies!).

Ok that’s all of Chang Mai for this blog but the next one is coming soon.

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Thailand, the Land of the Buddha

  1. I don’t understand what you mean by fake rivers?

    I also don’t understand the grass jelly. That does not sound tasty!

    The pools sound nice, and the Wat looks really cool!

  2. Grass smoothies!!!! Karen’s laughing at that. She’s more interested in popping the bubble wrap in which the ornaments were packed right now. A trampoline in Bancock! Who knew? I love the ceramic tile on the ….what are they? pagodas? temples? A foot massage…oh boy! Karen is just learning about that. She hadn’t been to a spa so I soaked her feet and did her nails and gave her feet a massage. She loved it! So she knows what you’re talking about. She smiled big when she heard about that! I’ll bet everybody’s feet loved that. llllllove karen She just came and wanted to type something herself. We love your blogs. Can’t wait for the next one. Hugs and kisses XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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