Goodbye, Chiang Mai

Hello again this is my blog for the rest of Chiang Mai that I haven’t written about yet. Hope you like it!!!

On the day after the Grand Canyon water park we didn’t do much during the day but at night we went to the night market with Amelia, Annabelle, Zoe, Delia, and some of the Wallaces.


Right when we got there a wire at one of the stands started sparking and lit on fire but they put it out.


It was a very long, packed street with lots of little food stands and other stands that had things like clothes, hand bags, toys, smoothies, and some little trinkets. It was really fun to walk around and have dinner with our friends.



I had some pork buns which are my favorite and I also had some meat skewers, yum😋. It was really funny at one point when we found the first pack of Sour Patch Kids that we’ve seen the whole trip at a seven eleven. Anyway the night market was really fun.

The next day we went to a place called the Sticky Falls or Bua Tong in Thai with Harley and his parents Jennifer and David. It was really cool because it was an ordinary waterfall but the water ran over limestone instead of regular stone so it wasn’t slippery except for the parts that had slimy algae growing on it. It was so cool because you could literally walk up the waterfall!



But getting to the top was hard because there was a lot of algae at the top and you had to use a rope tied to a tree to climb up. It was kind of scary at the top because if you fell and let go of the rope you would just slide down and fall on the un-slimy part. After playing on the waterfall for a while we played soccer and had a picnic nearby. We found a really cool branch of a tree that hung down like a natural swing like on a playground and it actually swung! It was really fun to swing on!


After we went to the sticky falls we drove to take a boat ride to a floating restaurant in a lake with some blow up thing like what was at the Grand Canyon. It was a really good lunch and really fun swimming. The boat ride was also really cool. The lake was really big and beautiful and the boat was really fast. I really liked the food too probably because I like almost all of the delicious Thai food.



After an hour we all went back in the boat and got in the car and drove to the Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park. At the poo poo paper park we took a tour to see how they made paper with the elephant poo. We also got to make our own paper and leave it out to dry. After that we made Christmas cards with the paper and we could decorate them with cut out reindeer and Santas. It was fun making the cards and we sent pictures of them to our cousins.


After the elephant poo poo paper park we all went to the Four Seasons hotel for the parents to get a drink. It was kind of annoying though because we couldn’t even swim in the pool because we were not guests in the hotel. After that we went home and had dinner.


Two days later we went to the Elephant Nature Park, an elephant sanctuary that rescues elephants from the tourism and entertainment industries. They buy the elephants from poachers and then help the elephants recover from injuries and settle into the community of other elephants. We took a van there and when we got there we fed the elephants with big watermelon halves. It was so cool to see how their trunks come and grab the fruit.



After we fed them we took a long tour around the area seeing all the elephants while the guide told us about them. We found out that most of them had been injured kind of badly by their former owners. Some of them were blind. And for some of them walking was very hard. A few of them had stepped on land mines and had huge bandages around their foot. It was really fun watching them take a bath in the river because they splashed around and shot water out of their trunks.




It was extra funny though when they went right to a pile of dirt and rolled around in it right after their bath😆.


After a lot of looking around we went back to the place where we left our stuff to have lunch. After lunch we went over to a little hospital area and saw pictures of the injured elephants when they got here and hadn’t gotten bandages and stuff. After that we left and took the van back to our apartment.

A day later we we took a five hour bus ride to Sukhothai and stayed at the Smiling Face guest house and went on a bike tour one day. It was the same bike tour that Annabelle and Amelia had taken before they came to Chiang Mai. It was really fun and the guides were amazing. It was a long ride but the snacks we had at one of the stops were very worth it. The history of Sukhothai was really interesting to learn about. We also learned about a tradition of chicken fighting where people train chickens to kick and shove each other until one is so injured that it runs away. The bike tour was really fun and interesting and we learned a lot about Sukhothai, I definitely recommend it.



From Sukhothai we took the train back to Bangkok and stayed there for a few days at the Paragon Inn that was a lot nicer than the other places we stayed.


It had a pool and a pool table and a really good restaurant and all the fancy stuff.


We met another family there with two kids that were both pretty young. It was fun to play with them in the pool and the little girl was a surprisingly good swimmer. I really liked the restaurant and we ate there three or four times over the two days we were there. The market nearby was also good because it had a lot of different local foods and I really like a lot of Thai food.

After two days in Bangkok we flew to Hoi An, Vietnam (were we have been for about a month now) and checked into the Green Apple hotel while we looked for a house to live in for the next three months. Long story short we found a house and moved in. It has a pool and three bathrooms and three bedrooms so we get our own rooms and have enough space for when our cousins come in a few weeks.


Our Christmas was fun and on Christmas Eve we went to a super fancy resort for dinner with some other expats who live down the street. On New Year’s Eve I stayed up until 3:00 and played on my iPad so that was great. Yesterday we met some more kids who are staying here for a while and planned to got to the beach with them sometime. The beach here is really fun. Next week we are going to the Philippines for a week with my aunt Katy. And after that our cousins are coming to Hoi An with us so YAY 😃.

Well now you’re all caught up so see ya later! Max out!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Chiang Mai

  1. This is awesome Max! That darn beautiful lake is where my new Galaxy S9+ lives, so #triggered But you guys did lots of fun things since we saw you and you have exciting things coming up! Can’t wait to hear about the Philippines and have fun with your cousins!

  2. What a great time! I love the tree swing and walking up the waterfall! However, I didn’t hear about any trampolines or ice cream! Do they not have ice cream in Thailand?

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