Henry’s Greece Movie Trailer

This year since we are traveling the world, in April we went to Greece and our PEPS friends from Seattle came to meet us. We were in Greece for 11 days and these are my top five favorite things:

1. Seeing our friends for the first time in a while


2. Seeing the Acropolis with our guide Panos (not his full name, which is very long and hard to pronounce)


3. The house on Paros with the hole-in-the-wall bunk beds


4. The gelato (in Athens and in Lefkes on the island of Paros)


5. Learning how to say and spell pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

And I made this movie trailer:

Dispatches from Henry

October 16th: Hallo from München we are right now (but not when you read this) in the B&B hotel. The day after three weeks ago tomorrow we leave for Namibia. Can’t blog without WiFi. Will pick up writing in three weeks.


November 9th: …Three weeks later, we are in an AirBnB in Windhoek.


We have stayed at the Weavers Rock, Andersson camp, Halali, Okaukuejo, Olifantsrus, Hoada, White Lady, Spitzköppe, Rooisand, Sesriem, and Lake Oanob campsites. (My favorite one was the White Lady.) And Airbnbs in Hentiesbaai/Hentiesbay and Swakopmund. I had my birthday in Swakopmund.

On my birthday we went out to dinner at gabriele’s italian pizzeria and it was awesome. Then we watched Black Panther, had ice cream, and stayed up to 11 o’clock. The next day we went quad biking and sandboarding, my thumb died, and somebody broke their arm. It was super fun.

Tomorrow we leave for Bangkok.

November 13th: We got to Bangkok a few days ago and on the first day I slept until 12 in the afternoon. Then we went to a cool new mall called IconSiam (cost $2.5 billion) that opened two days ago but the sinks were probably a last minute job because they were already broken. The next day we went to the Vietnamese consulate to get visas. Now I know why people go in saunas to lose weight. IT IS SO HOT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mortal Kombat, Harry Houdini, and WIND

Hi it’s Henry. A couple of weeks ago we were in Budapest, Hungary. While we were there we went to the pinball museum (which is more an arcade then a museum). All the games and pinball machines were set to free play so we did not have to pay. And I beat Max at Mortal Kombat 2… 47 times. My dad, my brother, and I played an awesome X-Men game together and blew up Magneto’s spaceship. After, we went to a Turkish restaurant and got kebabs. Then we went to an ice cream place and after we went home and watched SpongeBob until bedtime.

The next day we went to the Houdini House and there was a magic show and a lot of cool stuff about Harry Houdini (Ehrich Weiss).

Then we took the tram to the climbing gym and went bouldering. Then we went home and watched TV.

The next day we went to Tihany, and stayed in a house with a trampoline. There was a dog named Mano and a rabbit that bit me and a cat.

Then we went to Ljubljana and stay in an airb&b with a trampoline and we met some‍ kids who spoke some English that lived below us. The next day we went to Ljubljana castle and went on a time machine tour. We heard a story about a knight named Erazem Lueger who was a political prisoner who escaped through the toilet, too bad it never works in prison movies 😦 . He ran away to his castle (Predjama Castle):


…and was besieged by his former captors but people brought him food and supplies through the tunnels in the mountain and then one day the enemy bribed a guard to put a candle in the window when the knight was in the bathroom. Then they shot the toilet with a cannon and he died.

Next we went to Piran and it was WINDY so we stayed home the rest of the day.

The next day we went to the beach and the castle wall which was fun. There was a movie on that was called Magic in the Moonlight about a magician who was trying to unmask a fake medium (based on Harry Houdini). The next day we left to go to Sirmione, Italy which is where we are now. Yesterday we went swimming.

Three Countries In One Week

Hello, this is Henry.

We just left Neuwiller, France, it’s right next to the border of Switzerland. We were with our cousin Lucca who is sixteen and we hadn’t seen him in two years! When we were there we went to a restaurant to watch the first Bundesliga match, Bayern Munich VS Hoffenheim. BM won 3-1. I fell asleep halfway through!

After we went home Max and I went to bed. Lucca stayed up to play video games and he didn’t wake up until 11:50 am. But he usually doesn’t wake up until noon anyway.

One day we went to the pool and there was a slide and two diving boards. It was really fun even when it started to rain and a lot of people left but we didn’t.

Another day we went to a park in Basel called Schützenmattpark and it was HUGE and super fun and there was a slide and a swing and a spinny thingy.

Then we went to McDonalds and it was super expensive. At Lucca’s house I rode around on this little toy car that Lucca had. One morning my dad and I went on a bike ride from Neuwiller to Allschwil, Switzerland. On our last full day we went to a cool museum called the Vitra Design House with a HUUUUUGE slide and a play area!!!!!!! It was super exciting.

And we went ziplining and there was parkour and it was really fun. But I wish we didn’t have to leave. We are in Mengen, Germany right now.