There is always laundry

Since we’ve been in Vietnam, we’ve had a break from the intensive planning that is a big part of this trip, but with just a few weeks left before we take off again, Kyle and I have both started to spend our time in front of a screen, calculating the cost-benefit of taking that cheaper flight which takes 33 hours, or the more expensive one, which takes 17, but means we’re eating nothing but bread and Laughing Cow cheese for the entire time we’re in Paris. And we’re getting emails reminding us that our tax forms are ready, which fills me with dread, exactly the same response I have every year.

World travel is intense and exciting, to a point. But long-term travel serves also to remind you that the simple responsibilities of daily life are pretty much unavoidable. We might spend the morning exploring a new city, beach-hopping to find our favorite waves, or climbing to the top of a mountain in the Dolomites, but at the end of the day, someone has to wash the clothes. And shop for groceries.


And cook, and watch our finances (carefully!), and make sure the boys do their math (reluctantly!).


No matter where we are in the world, a stubborn baby tooth might need to be extracted (at the shockingly low price of $4) and teeth will need to be cleaned ($8).


Tween feet will just keep growing, and shoes will need to be procured. A bike chain will break and need to be replaced or else one of us has a large kid on our pannier rack.


And these days that is all happening in a language I don’t understand, and often involves haggling over the price when I don’t even know what the right price should be.

I can feel the side-eye now, and I promise, I am not complaining. Just reflecting, and avoiding looking at those tax forms…


2 thoughts on “There is always laundry

  1. If you were complaining, I would not blame you! I totally understand that along with the excitement and adventure, traveling brings stress and frustration. That’s why I’m jealous of your trip, but I know I would never do it myself!

  2. That title has to be the understatement of the year. Intrepid Explorers Undaunted by Life ‘s Challenges…sounds more like it. Well done! Especially the “undaunted” part. Thanks for sharing the details and adventures.

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