Dispatches from Henry

October 16th: Hallo from München we are right now (but not when you read this) in the B&B hotel. The day after three weeks ago tomorrow we leave for Namibia. Can’t blog without WiFi. Will pick up writing in three weeks.


November 9th: …Three weeks later, we are in an AirBnB in Windhoek.


We have stayed at the Weavers Rock, Andersson camp, Halali, Okaukuejo, Olifantsrus, Hoada, White Lady, Spitzköppe, Rooisand, Sesriem, and Lake Oanob campsites. (My favorite one was the White Lady.) And Airbnbs in Hentiesbaai/Hentiesbay and Swakopmund. I had my birthday in Swakopmund.

On my birthday we went out to dinner at gabriele’s italian pizzeria and it was awesome. Then we watched Black Panther, had ice cream, and stayed up to 11 o’clock. The next day we went quad biking and sandboarding, my thumb died, and somebody broke their arm. It was super fun.

Tomorrow we leave for Bangkok.

November 13th: We got to Bangkok a few days ago and on the first day I slept until 12 in the afternoon. Then we went to a cool new mall called IconSiam (cost $2.5 billion) that opened two days ago but the sinks were probably a last minute job because they were already broken. The next day we went to the Vietnamese consulate to get visas. Now I know why people go in saunas to lose weight. IT IS SO HOT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Dispatches from Henry

  1. Happy Birthday Henry! Sounds like you are doing cool things! I really enjoy reading your posts and look forward to the next one. The quad bike is awesome!

  2. Oh Gosh! I hope your thumb came back from the dead, and that Somebody’s arm is all healed by now. And I hope you find something to cool you off. It’s starting to cool off here but no rain , lots of fires and smoky air. You’re not missing much. Hug yourselves for us. We love you! 🤗🤗❤❤

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